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Time-Series Data Management

A unique Database Manager specialized in Time-Series with a very efficient data storage algorithm allowing a very quick extraction, aggregation and computation of big amount of Times-Series data. With its Native Time Series Query language and its business oriented architecture, development becomes low cost and very easy with no need to know the database architecture.
Based on Cassandra StutDb offers the best of a modern database like linear Scalability Automatic replication, high performance, Tunable consistency, high availability & Fault tolerance, Open source Schema free etc… StuDb is a breaktrought in Time-Series management and storage.


Time-Series Data Management

Performance StutDb Cassandra DBMS
Storage space X1 X5 X10
Access time to data +++ + ---
Specific Times-Series SQL command Yes No No
Time series function library
tocorrelation, Moving average etc…)
Yes No No
Time-Series Aggregation
(Moving from one periodicity to another)
Native Development needed Complex development needed
Data model business oriented Yes No No
Connection to existing analysis tools Yes Yes Yes
Scalability, availability, automatic replication etc... +++ +++ ---


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Times-Series data

Stuteo helps its customers to very efficiently and easily store, extract and analyze big amount of Times-Series data in a world where Time-Series in IoT, finance, weather forecasting, Smart grid etc… are exploding.

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Our Team

Habib Chtourou - CTO, 20 years of experience in Time-Series Data Management. PROOF 9 et TS object founder

Antoine Lebaron - Associate. 20 years of experience in software services Consultant SIRH and RHnet Founder.

Emmanuel Unguran – CEO ,20 years of experience. EVP operations in Gemalto the world leader in digital security.

Philippe Mallet – Associate . 20 years experience in M&A. CEO and shareholder of Maike Automotive (200 M€) revenue.

Marc Berthoux - Associate. 20 years of experiences. Consultant in data management

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Adress: 12 rue Vivienne, Lot 3, 75002 Paris
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Paris, France 75001
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